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We are joined by Ben Reed for The Yarns Men; #5 on 2nd May at Two Thumb Brewing Co. on Manchester St. Ben is a mechanical engineer from the U.K. now leading New Zealand-based waterjet manufacturer HamiltonJet as Managing Director. Ben has experience with a close friend taking his own life and his mental health challenges. Come listen to his story and have a yarn over beer and tacos.

Hope Upstream Charitable Trust is working towards zero suicide communities. If we swim upstream, there is hope for zero suicide communities. We will be researching, evaluating and developing suicide prevention initiatives.

Our charitable purposes are as follows:

  1. collating and mapping international initiatives and research on the topic of suicide prevention, as well as commissioning research and preparing white papers on this topic; 

  2. developing and evaluating new suicide prevention methods and initiatives using product design thinking methodology; 

  3. providing education to those at risk as well as support networks by running seminars, workshops and conferences to promote suicide prevention; and

  4. promoting and advocating for changes to legislation, regulations and practices to deliver better services and programmes which can support those affected by, or at risk of, suicide.  

Our Purpose


Supplement, Support or Enhance Review

We set out to determine how best we could supplement, support or enhance suicide prevention in Aotearoa New Zealand. We interviewed 30 people from across New Zealand working within the suicide prevention sector on their experience with mental health and suicide prevention. Participants included stakeholders within the mental health and suicide prevention ecosystem, including Te Ao Māori, lived experience, academic and policy perspectives, which includes clinical, cultural and prevention expertise.

From the interviews we were able to identifying 10 opportunities to supplement, support or enhance suicide prevention in Aoteatoa New Zealand.

To download a copy of the Supplement, Support or Enhance Review report, please enter your email address in the box below and click download. 

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